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We are based in Nashik, just 128 Km from Mumbai in Maharashtra, India. Our Chief of Research, Ashok K Bhatia, aged 69, is Ex-Banker, Yoga Pranayama expert, expert in Geeta knowledge, turned Spiritual Heals expert and trainer, is having lifelong experience in Yoga, Pranayama, Sahaja Yoga, Raj Yoga, Patanjali Yoga, Spiritual Meditation etc.

It is told that in his last life, he was a Great Saint in north India, a devotee of Lord Krishna and Geeta, as he used to sing Hindi religious songs from age 2-3 years in perfect tunes, on his own. In age 2-3 years, children barely speak a sentence, but he was in great demand to sing in local functions as a God gifted child, a unique attraction in his hometown Ghaziabad, 12 Km from New Delhi, India.img-20151201-wa0004 (1)

Our Chief of Research, getting welcome Tilak on his Birthday.


img-20151128-wa0003 (1)

Blessed on his birthday by BK Usha Didi & BK Vasanti Didi.


img-20151204-wa0009 (1)

Receiving Prasaad from BK Usha Didi on his birthday.


img-20160107-wa0005 (1)

Gathering of distinguished guests on his birthday.


img-20181223-wa0007 (2)

Our Chief of Research, Ashok K Bhatia, at his place, in traditional dress wearing Silk Kurta.



Ms Deepti Bhatnagar, in the middle, paid a personal visit to our Chief of Research Ashok K Bhatia at his Nashik Residence, on her right, in Bhagwa Kurta. On her left is Mrs Vibha A Bhatia, holding her hand.

Ms Deepti Bhatnagar is an Indian former film actress and model . She is presently  Director of television production with the travel shows Yatra, a religious travel guide.


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